I have been involved with WildFire for over a decade; training and releasing families into living out the kingdom of God. Now I, along with my family, am involved in delivering the training events offered by WildFire and KKi England as well as leading all age mission teams to partner with local communities in South-East Asia.

Freya & I also represent WildFire in one-off or annual events such as Spring Harvest where we work with the 8-11s age group.

All the work done with WildFire is voluntary and relies on the support of friends and family as well as Expecting, the family business.

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I have always loved the outdoors and adventure as well as a good challenge. In a NIKO, participants are thrown into the deep end of them all! Frey and the kids are also big fans of the outdoors, so NIKO is right up our street.

In a NIKO, participants learn in the classroom of life by “doing” instead of simply absorbing dry information. This “hands-on” experience teaches the participant to grow in the interdependence of a team.

All of us are involved with the volunteer team that host NIKO courses in the UK - these are a brilliant tool for leadership teams, youth groups, friends wanting a tough outdoor adventure. Teams heading out on an international WildFire trip with us are always treated to a NIKO as part of their training. 

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Freya, a qualified midwife, set up Expecting Antenatal Classes nearly 10 years ago with the vision of equipping families to start life well. The course provides high quality, evidence based, information that is easily accessible and relatable. 

More recently Freya & I have been running the business together, with the shared vision of investing in families. The classes are now available in a group setting in multiple UK locations as well as being offered as an online course available worldwide. Freya delivers all the content and I deal with the back end web stuff and business development.


Long term, we would love to expand Expecting to provide young families with relationship and parenting guidance for once baby arrives, as well as plug families in to great tools such as family NIKO.