About Jake

I was born and raised in Stafford, UK with my Dad Bob, or 'Baloo' as I like to call him, as well as spending plenty of time with my Grandparents who also ensured a lasting relationship with my Mum.


I grew up in the community of Rising Brook Baptist Church who formed most of my extended family ​and provided a solid grounding during my formative years. At 14 I decided to follow Jesus, to surrender everything to the will of God and the guidance of Holy Spirit.


I went on to study theology and sport in Birmingham. After a brief period of lecturing in the theology department and working in sports development I moved to Wolverhampton and helped in the set up and development of a missional community. During this time I established Neuro-Circus and joined the Alternative Folk Band Clutching At Straws.


Following 3 years in Wolverhampton, I then moved back to Stafford and started devoting more time to the WildFire movement that I had been involved with here and there since first meeting Andy & Catherine Kennedy (KKi England) in 2005.

I married Freya in 2017. Together we, along with the kids, work together on WildFire projects, NIKO and Expecting Antenatal Classes.

Together, as a family, we enjoy the outdoors - trail running, tree climbing, wild camping, back garden workouts & cooking al fresco. We're really keen to be an environmentally friendly family, firmly believing that God has given us stewardship over the earth and that our western lifestyle needs a real overhaul to fulfil this charge; it's tough and we're learning every day how imperfect our choices have been, and are - please help us! 


Board games are a firm fixture in the weekly calendar, as well as laser tag around the house and garden. There is always plenty of theological discussion and we're growing in our prayer and devotional life, attempting to model this for others and inspire those who we come into contact with. 

We always have an open home (join us on Saturday mornings for an elvis - cinnamon & raisin bagel, bacon, maple syrup, banana and nut butter) and love when people drop in to hang out - we've been super blessed to be able to speak into the lives of lots of teenagers and young adults who have become part of the family through the various things we do.

​Having grown up in a broken home, I have developed a deep passion for family and for the generations; for championing, supporting, studying and releasing families into living out the Kingdom of God in everyday life. I firmly believe that we're meant to do life together across the generations and include both the young and old in the things of the Lord. Family is the building block of every other sphere of society, if we want to have an impact on some of the worlds biggest issues then we've got to start by 'getting it right' in our families. Freya & I see our own family as our priority and first ministry after the ministry of bringing joy to God's heart (although the two are, of course, inseparable).


From an early age I started to develop a deep sense of justice (and lack thereof). Aged 7 I visited relatives in India. My uncles marble mansion surrounded by shacks and slums was a sight that would never settle in my heart. Further travel only served to heighten my desire to live life in a way which subverted injustice. One of my current desires is to learn much more about sustainable development and developing structures whereby short term mission teams can affect long term, sustainable change in some of the poorest communities on earth. This is a seriously tough job and so much damage has been done by well meaning 'missionaries' but I believe that with close relationships with local partners, sharing what we know can be beneficial to both locals and visitors. One of the biggest changes I see regularly through our WildFire trips is the affect on participants, who come home wanting to live differently and recognise that how they live in the west has a worldwide impact.

The time I spent writing music with the band Clutching At Straws was often subversive and intentionally challenged practices such as slavery and institutionalised corruption. We also wrote to celebrate and create party atmospheres around the instances where love and justice breakthrough, pointing to the hope that one day these will triumph and pervade all things.


Partying and creating atmospheres of joy have become a mainstay of life and food is never far away. Eating together and remembering Jesus as we do has become firmly embedded as a kingdom catalyst that is a cornerstone of our family rhythm.


It is this vision of the future, of one big family eating together in a kingdom of justice where the party never ends that gets me out of bed in the morning (I really have to remember this when its an admin day) and it is this vision that I try to die to myself for - the vision of the kingdom of heaven on earth. 

Vision & Values