alternative folk


Clutching At Straws are a multi-talented and diverse alternative folk trio, hailing from the ‘creative county’ of Staffordshire. Clutching At Straws use an impressive variety of instruments to build a full, layered sound suffused with subtlety and their influences are diverse and eclectic with hints of everything from the irony of bluegrass through to the drama of musical theatre.

Jake has been part of Clutching At Straws since 2012 when, old friend, James Baskett (cellist) invited Jake to audition as the band's percussionist. But it wasn't entirely because of Jake's capacity to hit things; rather the band were interested in expanding the kingdom influence in what they were writing, their communication in general & other projects that they could link with.

Over the past 4 years, Clutching At Straws have partnered with Jake's work through WildFire, particularly in raising around £10,000 for projects in the Philippines, including working towards a bridge for an isolated community, economic empowerment projects for young mothers & a working co-operative for disadvantaged youth.

James has often accompanied Jake in work in the Philippines & is now working closely with Jake on gaining further education in sustainable development as well as helping to lead WildFire teams in the Philippines & elsewhere.


Neuro-Circus was born out of Jake's passion for circus skills and performing arts coupled with research that Jake discovered at university. Jake stumbled upon the research while trawling through journals for his final year dissertation.


Neuro-Circus takes advantage of the natural rhythm, motor patterns and eye movements found in circus skills, especially juggling, to aid in memory and recall as well as stress management.


Neuro-Circus is perfect for students revising for exams and those working in high-pressure and stressful environments.


Jake has scaled back the amount of work he does with Neuro-Circus to make more time for mission & ministry as well as Clutching At Straws but does consider enquiries from schools and business as well as occasional clients requiring fire juggling and party entertainment.