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I've been involved in the Wildfire movement for over 10 years and recently have been devoting a large amount of time to the co-ordination, leading and releasing of teams as well as to training and equipping, especially of young leaders. 


​WildFire Local

These weekends are a chance for youth and families to come together, receive from Jesus and splash Him out into a local community. The teams are usually hosted by a church or group of churches with whom they partner in their mission. WildFire Local teams get stuck in to all kinds of service during a weekend; sports outreach, prophetic treasure hunting, facilitating family fun days, street theatre, gardening, circus and clowning, litter picking, assisting the local council and spontaneous street ceilidhs to name a few!

WildFire is all about the generations living the kingdom of God together. Under 10s need to be accompanied by a parent, but we encourage the whole family to come and join the God adventure together, whatever their ages! Older teens and adults take on leadership responsibilities within the team.

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WildFire Global

These short-term outreaches are usually for 1-4 weeks during UK school holidays. They provide an opportunity for youth and families to put their faith into action in mission within the UK and beyond. The teams work alongside missionaries and churches established in the host nation. Areas of service vary, from planting trees to fight the spread of the desert in Senegal, to relief work and helping establish permaculture initiatives in the Philippines, to sport and street ministry in Spain. One of our key values is that each member of the team, no matter what their age, is fully involved – no one is a spectator!

All WildFire teams receive full training and debrief in order that these short term experiences become catalysts for the kingdom of God being more fully expressed in daily life.

Most teams welcome participants of all ages, with under 10s accompanied by a parent/ guardian. Some locations/ projects may require a higher minimum age.

The Story So Far - SE Asia


  • Establishing a sewing co-operative with local YWAM partners that provides a living wage for previously low-income families. 

  • Working with the local church to establish low-cost hygienic toilet systems that then provided a model which the local council used to teach other impoverished communities. 

  • Working with YWAM and the local church to establish a community centre on a former landfill site. 

  • Started plans for a community buying co-operative that buys cost-saving commodities for families. Families save money on their household budget over the year, are able to better provide for themselves and pay a small amount back into the buying co-operative for the process to be repeated.

  • Worked with local tribal people and trained local partners to establish permaculture villages and plots, both on the edge of the city and in rural tribal lands. Local partners now work with various NGOs around the Philippines in establishing these permaculture initiatives. (We also got initiated into the tribe - pretty cool eh?)

  • Various work in schools, sharing the good news of Jesus and what it looks like to partner in the establishing of His kingdom.

  • Laying hands on the sick and seeing people set free from various diseases and ailments. 

  • Lots of parties and sharing food with locals. 


  • Helped restructure a drainage system in and around a children's home so that it doesn't flood during every rainy season. As we were doing this, it led to many of the neighbours getting involved and became a real community project. The staff and children at the children's home, as a well as other local residents now spend time together cleaning and maintaining the drainage systems together. Before this there was a distinct lack of relationship or community cohesion - so this was a real win!

  • Got to know a very isolated people group and speak prophetically into their lives (through literally speaking but also by being present). Through being there we were able to strengthen and encourage the church as well as help with some large practical jobs. This really was scratching the surface with the community but it has kick started something amazing on the island and in our local partners (see below). 

Work to be Done


  • Train and equip local partners to better understand sustainable development and strategic planning in ministry so that, long term, work is effective without outside help and when teams are received they are plugging in to already well established projects.

  • Work with local partners to develop greater understanding of biblical justice and desire to live and model this in local communities.

  • Re-establish close links with our friends now trained in implementing permaculture initiatives. We are now in need of learning from them but still believe that they will benefit from our support and thinking. This is likely to be the focus if we take teams in the near future.


  • Strengthen links with our local partners.

  • Help local partners to set up a training & sharing centre and model 'eco-village' for isolated people groups as well as westerners. The idea here, is that isolated and often impoverished people can learn skills and technologies to help them thrive whilst maintaining good care for the environment and westerners can learn skills from indigenous peoples that will help us better steward creation in the west. The recent study on species extinction identified that indigenous people could be a key factor in maintaining biodiversity on a global scale.