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In a NIKO, the participant learns in the classroom of life by “doing” instead of simply absorbing dry information. This “hands-on” experience teaches the participant to grow in the interdependence of a team.


Through the NIKO experiences the participant will begin to understand more about themselves and the gifts that God has given to them. They will begin to learn what motivates them, as well as their unique style of leadership. A high priority is placed upon team work and perseverance. The participant will be challenged to increase their initiative, creativity, compassion, responsibility, and confidence through serving others.


A NIKO will challenge the participant to discover their mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional strengths and weaknesses. Their relationship with God and others will be tested and /or proven through this experience and its physical challenges. The participant will learn to confront issues of leadership and personal identity. They will be required to face and overcome many obstacles that will be encountered in life’s future decisions.


At a NIKO, the participant will work with other people towards a common goal. The support and inspiration of friends and compassionate Christian instructors will allow them to push past the limits they may have previously set for themselves, allowing them to draw nearer to God.


“NIKO” is a Greek word pronounced “nee-ko”. It means, “to subdue, conquer, overcome, or prevail against.”

NIKO started in 1985 in Hawaii as a program of King’s Kids International (KKI). It has been run, developed and adapted to different locations and cultures all over the world for over 30 years.



Much harder, but also much more rewarding that D of E. I want come back and staff one for sure.

CLAIRE, Mum of participant

I'm waiting for dates to come out so she can come again but I also want all my kids to do it. It's life changing.

LISA, 26

I used to think my limit was here, but now I've realised my limit is way more than that and I've really learned what it means to rely on God.

We now spend a few weeks of the year in the wilderness leading NIKOs, and there's a fair amount of set-up and set-down involved as well. It's great to work with such an amazing team of volunteers who make it happen and made worthwhile by the way it helps shape people and lead them to know that they are overcomers! We'd love to expand our capacity to run more NIKOs. This will take more support financially for us and other volunteers - but it will also take more people getting involved by doing a NIKO and then training to staff them so that our pool of volunteers grows and the load is spread!


As a family we love NIKO and have all benefited from doing NIKO and being involved in leading NIKOs. 

We totally recommend them to you and would love to hook you up with one for yourself, your leadership team, youth group, stag do/hen do, whatever - let us know and we'll get the ball rolling. 

To join an 'open' NIKO check out the WildFire website for upcoming dates.