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Biting The Bullet...


I've always been pretty turned of by people who have websites about themselves & yet here it is, (I'm cringing a little as I write this). The reason for creating the website is that, basically, people keep asking how they can keep up with what I'm doing and, in fairness, there is probably a call for a place where people can actually find out what I do. The standard answer to the question 'so what do you do?' often leaves people a little baffeld. Many people have also asked how they can give towards the work I do or get involved. The answer is often a little half hearted, muddled and... English!

We English people are full of humility... false humilty, otherwise known as pride. We constantly play down what we do because we think it's what we're supposed to do, either that or our self-esteem is seriously low. Either one of those options isn't good. Whichever reason is more accurate, it leads to the cringing and reluctance to shout about what we do. The stupid thing about said 'Englishness', in this context, is that what I do really has bugger all to do with me!

The reality is that all the adventures, the fun and the sacrafice is because of Jesus! It all started with him giving his life for me, allowing me to see that I'm worth dying for and compelling me to learn to die to myself, so that I can live in way that shows others that they are worth dying for. I have no other option, there is no other way I can live. Once you catch a glimse of the future that God has for us, a future founded on justice, empowerd by love and consumed with joy for each and every person, how can you live for anything else? This is what Jesus was talking about when he spoke of his Daddy's Kingdom, this is where all things are heading, and its the future we're asked to join in bringing about.

What I fool I would be to continue to play down what I spend my time doing, to give muddled answers that show how 'humble' I am. The fact is that what I do is amazing and I want everyone to be involved or to be inspired to get involved in the wider mission for Justice, for Love, for Joy; for the Kingdom of God here on earth as it is in heaven.

So, welcome to - I hope you enjoy it and that it inspires to join in or to go do something with your life that brings out the full colours of creation in you, in those around you, in nature and ulimately the whole universe.


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