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The Great Haircut


The time has come.

The dreaded day approaches (see what I did there?).

I will shortly be wearing much shorter hair!


All good things must come to an end; I don't actually believe that little saying but it serves my end in this case (I'll stop with the puns now). My dreadlocks have been a good friend over the years, they have travelled with me to many nations, witnessed a plethoric smorgasbord of experiences from people being healed of cancer & a baby being born on a landfill site through to being a significant contributory factor of me nearly being burned alive... twice.

Many people will identify me with my dreadlocks and they have provided me with a distinct look over the past 11 years or so; this has had both positives and its negatives (I'm still banned from a few go-cart tracks and several shopping centres). But, ultimately, they are not me and their life-expectancy has always been genetically limited... check out the pictures of my Dad.

Now, I could quietly snip away at my knotty follicular features in the comfort of my own home without anyone knowing however, it seems that, after finding unanimous consensus and much mirth among my close friends, people would like this to be a far more public event.

This got me thinking (for a few seconds at most)... FUNDRAISER!

As most of you know, I spend a huge chunk of my time doing voluntary work in and through the local church, but also worldwide through KKi international & I have a growing passion for development work in the Philippines. The year ahead requires a lot of travel. Various trips to the Philippines, to plan and to learn as well as leading inter-generational teams as catalysts for long-term sustainable change out there. I also have several trips lined-up to in order to connect with and learn from people who have launched similar projects to some of the things that I am currently pioneering.

As you can imagine, the travel all mounts up financially and there is no way I can cover it by myself.

So... the beautiful synergy of killing two birds with one stone emerges!

On the afternoon of Sunday 19th of July (1:00pm in Burton Square, Stafford) I will be givng you wonderful people the opportunity to chip-in, in order for me to make a public spectacle of myself in 'The Great Haircut'. So here's the deal...

£2000 - I have a public haircut where the dreadlocks are removed but all


£5000 - I have a complete headshave - I'm talking 'razor' bald - bald as a eagle - or my Dad.

£10,000 - The beard goes too... and I look like an egg - I genuinely do not want this to happen (I also, don't need this much money for the year ahead in ministry, so at this point I'll start giving half away to another charity... probably The Dalit Freedom Network).

The whole thing will be filmed and posted online - so don't worry about missing the action if you live overseas or just can't make it down to see the reenactment of Homo Neanderthalis becoming Homo Sapiens Sapiens.

So, there you go! Now that I've written this there is no way back. There will be a Facebook event and such like created shortly where you can keep up to date with the shenanigans!

So all thats left is for you to get giving and for me to start psyching myself up. You can give at the link below or hit the 'Support Us' button above!

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