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Thank you for shaving me!

Ok, so there actually turned out to be no shaving involved, but I certainly do look different and, just to let you know, today I have had my second haircut; so as to remain vaguely presentable in my new fashonable vain.

Anyhow, what I really would like to communicate is my massive apprecation to everyone who gave towards the great haircut, in the end we raised well over £3000! Crikey Cheif! It would not be possible for me to be involved in the types of minisries that I am without people like you contributing, whether you are a regular partner or one of the weird people who bought a dred so that you could wear it as a novely mustache or use it as a cigar(?). I know of two people who have framed the dreds that they bid to cut off... the mind boggles.

What is really wondrful is that the giving has already allowed me to be an influence in many peoples lives alongside the team I led to the Philippines a few weeks ago (I'll be posting more reflections about our trip soon). We were able to set up a new sewing co-operative for local mothers which will begin to provide an income for them and their familes. We were also able to multiply our investment into the youth project which thus far has been creating hand-made greetings cards, but will now start to take on the manufacturing of leather goods and phone accessories. The money raised through this project will help the youth be able to pay their own way through high school and university.

Of course there also lots of stories of people being healed, coming to know Jesus & lives generally transformed as well as a barrow load of team fun but, as I said, I'll post about that soon.

Your partnership will also allow 2 more trips to the Philippines over the coming year to sustain and grow these projects, lauch some new ones, release more people into kindom funkiness out there as well as allow some time to connect with the international KKi (WildFire) movement in Cote D'Ivoire and dream about new projects to change lives in Africa and around the world.

For now, I just want to say, once again, a massive thanks to all those of you who partnered through the great haircut and those who continue to give one off gifts or partner with me as a regular giver. Everything the Lord does through me is part of your legacy!

THANK YOU - Much more blogging on the way over the next week!

Much love - Jake

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